What Is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is an established, recognised system of diagnosis and treatment which places emphasis on the treatment of the body as a whole. Osteopaths use their hands to diagnose and treat. A person is assessed from a mechanical, functional and postural standpoint and also using clinical diagnostic skills (such as testing reflexes or blood pressure).

Osteopathy aims to treat the whole person by improving blood flow to increase overall vitality which promotes healing. Osteopathy treats the body naturally without the use of drugs thereby eliminating harmful side effects.

Visiting an Osteopath

You do not need to be referred by a medical practitioner.  At your first appointment I will need to take a detailed case history and will ask about your presenting complaint, general health and any past medical history. You will also sign a consent form for having treatment. As your Osteopath I will always explain what I am doing. I will evaluate you by examining you and perhaps performing some simple clinical skills too, this will enable me to give you a diagnosis and to formulate an appropriate treatment plan.

You may have to remove your clothing down to your underwear for the examination but you can always have a blanket or put clothes back on for treatment. It is best to wear something loose fitting or comfortable.

You can always bring a family member or friend with you. Children have to be treated with an adult present.


How does an Osteopath treat?

Training and regulation

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